Tania Parrilla Birthday Challenge- Go Rogue

Welcome to Tania Pay It Forward Birthday Challenge!  This is a platform designed for passionate individuals that want to make their birthday about more than just a number. On a day when all of the attention is normally on them, heroes like Tania use their influence to raise money and awareness for some of the world's most desperate causes. 

Tania's Story....

I found myself thinking of how I can help people and be more productive with my time? Me being just one person make that step? How can I make a difference!

So with a little research I came across The (Pay It Forward Birthday Challenge) I immediately thought how great is that.. as I bring in 30 how I can bring it in with such a way of being able to spread the word on such a Great cause. So with that being said I chose St. Jude's Research Hospital, As this charity plays a Big roll in why I chose it specifically you see.. My Nephew was Diagnosed just last year with Leukemia at the tender age of Two, I know how it feels from experience to have a loved one go threw the changes, the whole process is hard to take in. So when family's go thru the fact that they're child is sick let alone diagnosed, No family should have to go with out. The child will need all the love and support of that same person trying to cope in the process instead what they can do is make the child comfortable? Happy? even with everything going on around them. The love & support from the child's parents is all they look for while going threw the healing process.

Please if anyone can relate, or just can understand that with your Help we can make a difference let this be the first step! Make that donation.. Make a difference. Thanks! God Bless You, Tania Parrilla

To learn more about St. Jude's Research Hospital, click here!


What It Means To 'Go Rogue'

Money raised for this campaign will be used to help support the charity mentioned above. By selecting to 'Go Rogue', the host of this campaign has decided to raise money and awareness for a charity that is outside of one of our three traditional program recommendations. By going rogue this host is helping to blaze a trail for a charity that they are passionate about.

We encourage all campaign hosts to apply the concepts of effective altruism before selecting a beneficiary. Our team has verified that this charity is an eligible 501(c)3 organization before this campaign was launched. 100% of your donation to this campaign is tax deductible. 

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How We Use Your Donation

90% of your donation to this campaign will be used to support Evidence Action. 10% of the donation will be used to help us further our mission and motivate more people to pay it forward through campaigns such as this one.

100% of your donation is tax deductible. 

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