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Help Save Souls!

Do you want to help save the souls of others but are not ready to commit to your own Pay It Forward Challenge? Make a donation to our campaign and help us make a difference for those that need it most.

100% of your donation will go to supporting an evidence based program designed to save the souls of people that do not know Jesus Christ. Research supports that this is the most efficient way that donors can use their money for the purpose of saving souls.

What is the Pay It Forward Challenge? 

The Pay It Forward Challenge gives ordinary people the opportunity to work together to achieve extraordinary impact. It all starts with a desire to do the most good possible with the resources that we have. 

By working with the most efficient non-profits in the world we are able to Save Lives, Fight Poverty, and Save Souls in some of the most destitute places on earth. We rely on in-depth research and empirical evidence to guide the decision of where to send money so that we can make the greatest possible impact. 100% of every donation goes cause represented by the campaign. 

How does it work?

  1. Someone accepts the challenge and begins a Pay It Forward Chain. This page is evidence that the first step has been taken. 
  2. Passionate individuals show support by donating to the cause. We hope that you will be inspired enough to contribute!
  3. A few individuals take it upon themselves to accept the Pay It Forward Challenge so that the Pay It Forward Chain continues. This is really the most important part of each campaign. A single campaign cannot change the world on it's own. It is the culmination of individual efforts that will change the world for the better. 

What are the results?

Simply put, the results are amazing. Full details of how results are calculated can be found on each of our program pages. If this particular campaign continues on for just 10 "generations" we will have brought 1,247,561 souls to know Christ

Visit the Save A Life, Fight Poverty, or Save A Soul program page to find out the results of all of our different programs. These detailed pages also include information about our research methods and program strategies. 

6 Month Survey Results of Global Media Outreach Programs (1)

  • 81% of individuals claim to be "very certain of salvation"
  • 79% claim to be affected daily by the Holy Spirit
  • 70% read the bible daily or weekly
  • 73% attend church or meet with other Christians weekly
  • 85% spend at least 10 minutes in prayer each day
  • 88% have shared their faith with others 3 or more times

      (1) 2014 Statement of ROI

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