Kimberly Josma Birthday Challenge - Save A Soul

Welcome to Kimberly's Pay It Forward Birthday Challenge!  This is a platform designed for passionate individuals that want to make their birthday about more than just a number. On a day when all of the attention is normally on them, heroes like Kimberly use their influence to raise money and awareness for some of the world's most desperate causes. 

Kimberly has decided to dedicate this campaign to raise money and awareness to Save A Soul. Explore this page to learn more about the charity that this campaign will help support. After you are done learning, we hope that you will support Kimberly's passion by making a donation and sharing the campaign on social media!


About The Charity

Money raised from this campaign will be used to benefit a charity called Global Media Outreach (GMO). GMO saves souls by using the power of the internet to share the gospel to individuals that are seeking out answers about God.

Individuals are presented with the gospel through a website or various apps. Visitors are then asked if they are willing to personally accept Christ into their lives. Once they have made a personal commitment, individuals are then connected to online missionaries that answer questions, pray for, and guide new and recommitting believers on the journey to Jesus through a safe and anonymous system.

For every $100 raised, this campaign will be able to save souls of 240+ individuals seeking answer about God and salvation. Even a modest donation to this program can create and eternal impact!

You can learn more about the Save A Soul program by clicking the "learn more" button below.

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How We Use Your donation

90% of your donation to this campaign will be used to support Evidence Action. 10% of the donation will be used to help us further our mission and motivate more people to pay it forward through campaigns such as this one.

100% of your donation is tax deductible. 

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