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{Why} PIF Foundation

We believe it is our obligation to society to use our resources to do the most good - this means being disciplined enough to say "no" to good programs so that we can say "yes" to great programs. 

We exist to help individuals maximize their impact for charitable purposes by applying the concepts of effective altruism so that a limited amount of resources can positively impact the greatest number of lives.

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 {How} We Better the World

We teach individual donors how to use the concepts of effective altruism to identify the most effective non-profit programs for the causes that they are passionate about. Then we help donors raise money and awareness for these programs by providing no-cost and low-cost services strategically designed to leverage their personal resources for maximum impact.

Our programs Save Lives, Fight Poverty, and Save Souls because we believe that these are three most important areas that we should focus our resources. However, our supporters also have the opportunity to Go Rogue when they have a passion is for a different cause.

{What} Ways We Help You Make A Difference

We have developed a number of services that help donors to use Time, Talent, Treasure, and Influence to make a difference for the things that they are most passionate about. We believe that every individual has the ability to contribute to positive change and should be afforded the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from helping others. 

We also dedicate a tremendous amount time providing education, information, and planning to help provide individuals develop their personal financial well-being so that effective charitable giving can become a healthy reality.  

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