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What It Is

The Pay It Forward Challenge gives passionate individuals the opportunity to use their time, talent, treasure and influence to change the world. The process is simple but the impact you will make is AMAZING! The journey begins when you sign up to start a Pay It Forward Chain for one of our life changing programs. After we have your information, our team will set up your custom webpage so that you can promote the campaign to your network of potential donors. Each campaign is set to raise a total of $100 or $500. After you reach your fundraising goal we help you find two other people that are willing to start their own campaign and keep the chain going. The cycle repeats and the impact continues to multiply! 

Who We Are

The PIF Foundation, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to educate and equip exempt organizations and the public with tools, resources, and information for more sustainable and effective charitable giving, awareness, and program impact. Our mission is to positively impact the most desperate causes by connecting passionate individuals to the most effective charitable organizations in the world.

We have done extensive research to bring you the most effective programs in the areas of Saving Lives, Fighting Poverty, and Saving Souls. The Pay It Forward Challenge is free for each of these three programs and 100%* of the donations raised go to the charity that represents each cause. Donors can also sign up for our Go Rogue program where they pay a $25 donation fee for us to create an online fundraising campaign for their favorite charity. 

*minus transaction fees. 


  1. You Accept the Pay It Forward Challenge. By accepting the challenge you are committing to raising either $100 or $500 and inspiring two other Change Agents to do the same. 
  2. We Set Up A Personalized Webpage. We will establish your personalized webpage so that you can collect donations and track your progress. You will have the opportunity to add your picture and additional commentary to personalize your campaign. 
  3. You Promote Your Campaign and Raise Money. We offer suggestions on how you can reach your fundraising goal and inspire others to accept the challenge. Our team is available to assist and guide you all along the way. 
  4. You Inspire Two Other Change Agents to Accept the Pay It Forward Challenge. This is key to really making an impact. The money that you help raise is important, but inspiring others to do the same is what really fuels the Pay It Forward concept. Choose your successors wisely!
  5. The Process Repeats, More Money is Raised, The Impact Continues.  Once you raise your targeted amount and inspire two others to accept the Pay It Forward challenge you are done! The chain is started, lives are being impacted and people are being inspired...all thanks to you!

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