Planned Giving

What is Planned Giving?

According to Harvard Law School, Planned Giving is a process of charitable, legal, financial, and tax planning that enhances your philanthropy and enables you to address other financial and estate planning issues while making a gift. 

In our opinion, all giving should be Planned Giving regardless of how much you give or whether or not you use formal planned giving tools. For example, an annual giving plan can leverage your donation when you avoid unnecessary gains by gifting appreciated assets instead of just donating cash. 

Why work with the PIF Foundation for your planned giving needs?

We help you make a greater impact. Our advice goes beyond traditional planned giving and looks to implement strategies of effective altruism. We are not here just to offer guidance on how to give, but where to give based on your value's desired impact. 

We are qualified and experienced. Our team of professional volunteers have experience with investment management, estate planning, and planned giving. In the event you need a referral to implement a plan, we have access to professional contacts throughout the country, or we can work with your existing professional contacts to guide implementation. 

We are independent. You will not be asked to make a gift to the PIF Foundation as a result of our planned giving recommendations. While we do accept individual donations, our professional volunteer network allows us to offer these services free of charge. 

What is the process?

Traditional Planned Giving - If you already work with a professional advisor for your planned giving needs we will work directly with them to get an understanding of your current and deferred giving plan. In the event that you do not work with a professional advisor we will connect you with one in your area. You can also choose to work with our professionals directly for this step. 

Effectiveness Planning - Once we have an understanding of your planned giving we will begin the process of helping you plan where to give most effectively. This process begins with a discovery conversation where we get a deep understanding of your desired impact. Then, we move on to doing research which will support our final recommendation on where you can give your charitable dollars most effectively. 

Email us to be contacted by one of our consultants to learn more today. 


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