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PIF Our Mission

Our Mission

The PIF Foundation, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that exists to educate and equip exempt organizations and the public with tools, resources, and information for more sustainable and effective charitable giving, awareness, and program impact. Our mission is to positively impact the most desperate causes by connecting passionate individuals to the most effective charitable organizations in the world.

PIF was built on the idea that individuals can collectively change the world for the better. We are advocates of altruism, therefore we promote an unselfish regard for the welfare of others. We believe in leading by example, and that helping others should be intentional and proactive.

    Our leadership team is very selective in deciding where to send the money that is raised through our network of passionate supporters. We do not want to settle for just "doing good", we strive to do the "most good". 

    All donations made to the PIF Foundation, Inc. are 100% tax-deductible - our TIN is 46-0604464.


    We believe that there is a fundamental flaw in the way that our society approaches philanthropy and it impedes our ability to impact positive change. Non-profits need to raise funds, recruit volunteers, and market their brand in order to accumulate enough resources to carry out their mission. This means that charities spend time, financial resources, and human capital on tasks other than fulfilling their stated mission.This is not what most supporters of non-profits want.

    On the other hand, donors increasingly hold non-profits accountable for producing better results and spending fewer resources on non-mission related expenses such as marketing. Generally speaking, our society is happy to make a donation if we know a significant portion of the donation will go to the cause. In our opinion, this is a reasonable expectation from "proactive donors". However, very few donors fall into the "proactive" category, whereby they are making unsolicited gifts and proactively seeking out ways to volunteer for organizations.

    Non-profits use resources for things other than mission related activities because it is often the only way to ensure growth. But what if they didn't need to? What if the non-profits that we all love had enough support to focus all of their resources on fulfilling their mission and expanding programs that are effective? What would that do to our ability to end childhood hunger, fight poverty, or find a cure for cancer?

    We believe that a culture of proactive philanthropy is possible and necessary.


    Adopt the Concept of Effective Altruism - Effective Altruism moves from the traditional model of people give to people (of organizations) to a model that encourages people to give to results (impact). By focusing a strategic philanthropy we can use the same (or less) resources to achieve far greater impact. 

    Promote Proactive Philanthropy - We must impress a culture of proactive philanthropy upon our youth. Expensive events and advertising campaigns only dilute an organizations ability for positive impact. Today, these events and activities are a necessity for successful non-profits to build support. As a society, we must begin teaching our youth that altruism is a responsibility, not something that requires an invitation. 

    Eliminate Donor Acquisition Cost - Non-profits should be afforded the opportunity to focus more of their resources on fulfilling their mission. We can eliminate advertising and marketing expenses when donors seek out ways to positively impact the causes that they are passionate about. Organization that educate that public about the high-impact charitable programs, such as the PIF Foundation, can act as a conduit between willing donors and high-impact programs and eliminate the need for these programs to waste money acquiring new donors. 

    Start Young and Promote a Cause First Approach - If we want a better future then we need to positively influence our future leaders. By targeting young adults, we hope to influence a culture of proactive philanthropy through programs that are fun, simple, and that give an opportunity to make a big difference.

    Promoting a cause first approach (as opposed to a organization first approach) will help to keep the focus on what truly matters. This also encourages organizations to focus exclusively on impact, as doing so will be the primary driver for winning new supporters.

    Evaluate Non-Profits on Results First, Finances Second - Accountability is important, but it should not impede innovation. Focusing solely on how non-profits spend their money as a means to credit or discredit them is a mistake. We must first look at the impact that an organization is making as a result of how they allocate their resources. Other factors such as size, age, and area of focus are also important differentiators that can cause dramatic differences in non-profit financial statements. 

    What we are doing to help impact positive change

    1. We promote proactive philanthropy through our Pay It Forward Challenge
    2. We eliminate donor acquisition costs through online fundraising campaigns, 100% of which flow through to some of the most effective non-profits in the world
    3. We use our line of t-shirtsBirthday Challenge, and Lesson Plans to target and educate the next generation of donors
    4. We research and publish information on the most effective charities for each of our programs - Save Lives, Fight Poverty, Save Souls 
    5. We develop curriculum for high school teachers to integrate philanthropy, ethics, and debate skills into fun lessons that make a difference
    6. We help educate donors and their Advisors on advanced planned giving techniques that leverage major gifts for non-profits
    7. We help companies integrate charitable giving programs for their employees to contribute to high-impact charities through our 1% Company Program 
    8. We use our Impact Reports to educate donors about some of the most effective programs that that align with their desired impact and help them increase the impact of their giving by 100% or more
    9. We partner with local professionals to provide holistic financial well-being programs so that passionate individuals can develop their stewardship skills and position themselves to Pay It Forward
    10. More programs coming soon...

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