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The PIF Foundation is committed to helping teachers integrate philanthropy into the classroom! We actively partner with teachers to create and distribute lesson plans that focus on meeting standard requirements while getting students actively involved in raising funds and awareness for worthy charities. 

Are you a teacher that wants to help develop a lesson plan for our site? We are actively seeking to grow our lesson plan library to expand the Pay It Forward movement. Email us to learn more. 

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Current Lesson Plans

Philanthropy - Seeing the "Bigger Picture"

Overview: This unit is designed to promote youth philanthropy. It is meant to allow students the opportunity for autonomy in choosing both a worthy charitable cause as well as a worthy charity.

The lesson plan begins with an explanation of philanthropy and it's role in society. Students are presented with various moral dilemmas designed to challenge their critical thinking about what it really means to "do good". Students spend time researching individually selected causes, in preparation to defend the importance of their cause against another students - this simulates the real-world challenge between two charities pursuing a common donor. Causes are debated until there is an eventually winner. Students then spend time debating which charity to give a hypothetical donation to after using various research databases to build their argument for charity A is better than charity B. The ultimate outcome is for students to be able to critical think through a logical decision making process for supporting worthy causes and effective charities. 

The unit ends with the PIF Foundation creating an online fundraising campaign where students become advocates for the winning cause and charity. 

  • Originally designed for 9th and 10th grade debate students. 
  • Challenging critical thinking elements
  • Full unit lesson plan - 28 days 
  • Virtual guest speaker from PIF Foundation available 

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Not seeing a lesson plan that fits your grade, criteria, or otherwise? We would be happy to use our network of volunteer teachers to help you customize a lesson plan that works for you. Contact us today to learn more!

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