Impact Report

Are you searching for the most effective charities in the world? With headlines about a few bad apples and new organizations constantly showing up, it be difficult to know where your donation will make the biggest impact. We are here to help.

Take the guessing out of giving. Get the data that enables you to do good...better. Guaranteed.

Charity Hands Giving Impact


Your Impact Report will chart the course for you to increase the impact of your charitable giving by 100%, guaranteed. Using the fundamental concepts of Effective Altruism, we take a pragmatic approach to evaluating your past giving, and helping you plan your future giving. 

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Impact Report Process

  • Why do you give? A discovery interview with one of our giving consultants allows us to get a deep understanding of the impact that you wish to make. This assessment acts as the cornerstone to the rest of our process. 
  • Where do you give? We provide you with an assessment of your past giving, turning your dollars into easy to understand impact metrics.
  • How are you giving? Many donors underestimate the power of Planned Giving. We use our expertise to make recommendations on how your can structure your short and long term giving more effectively. This process will either increase your ability to give, or decrease the cost of your current and future gifts. 
  • Future Charitable Giving Plan. Similar to the way that your financial advisor makes recommendations for your retirement portfolio, we make recommendations for your charitable giving by evaluating and recommending the non-profit organizations that have a quantifiable track record of impacting the areas that you are passionate about.

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