Fundraising Tips


Inspire People have signed up to help better the world and we have set up your fundraising page...but now what? It is time to share your campaign with the rest of the world and keep the Pay It Forward movement going. Let us help you succeed!

There are two primary outcomes for each campaign to be considered complete:

1) Fundraising - Each campaign is setup to raise either $100 or $500. While you can certainly go beyond the goal, as many people have, the impact projections for each program are dependent on the stated fundraising goal.

2) Inspire - Inspiring other people to Pay It Forward is essential to keep the long term success of our efforts. We have a saying..."It is the culmination of individual efforts that will change the world". You see, $100 or $500 is a great achievement for any individual, but it is not enough to combat the massive issues that we are facing through the Save A Life, Fight Poverty, and Save A Soul programs. By using your influence to inspire others to join the movement you are effectively compounding the success of your campaign. 

Now that we know what we are aiming at let's look at how some strategies that help get real results! We have constructed our recommendations in the order in which we recommend getting started.

1) Identify Your "Top 10" - Who are the top ten people in your life that you think would be most likely to contribute to your campaign? These people have likely supported you in the past, or have invited you to get involved in volunteer and community development activities. They believe the concept of helping others - they are altruistic.

2) Draft Your Message - You will want to reach out to your Top 10 directly with a message that describes what it is you are doing. It is important that your message includes a few key points:

  • Why you have decided to start the campaign.
  • What your goals for the campaign are.
  • The potential impact that your campaign could have.
  • What they can do to help you.

We encourage you to draft your own message, but for those that are too busy or want some help just let us know!

3) Use Your Influence - Whether or not we realize it - most of us have a platform of influence that we can used to impact positive change. Social media is the simplest and most accessible platforms for tapping into our network. We recommend that you share your campaign page through social media and encourage your friends and family to take a look at what you are doing. Encourage them to help in there own way, whether that be making a direct contribution or sharing your efforts with their social network to help inspire others.

4) Let Us Help - Our #1 focus is to see you succeed. If you have questions or want advice please contact your PIF Representative for help.  

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