Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am not sure which charity I should choose, what should I do?

A: No problem! We love connecting people to charities that align with their passions. We suggest that you sign up for the Fundraiser Challenge and select "decide later" as the charity. We will reach out to you and help you find the best charity based on your interests, location, and desired impact. 

Q: My favorite charity is not on the list, what should I do?

A: There is a very good chance that you can still use our platform to raise money for your favorite charity. When signing up for a campaign just select "other" as the charity you want to support and we will reach out to you to learn more about which charity you would like to support. We do have a due diligence process for any charity that is not already on our list but we can generally get approval in just a few minutes. 

Q: How do I look up a campaign that is already in progress?

A: You can look up a campaign by selecting the "search" button in the upper right hand corner of our website (the button looks like a small magnifying glass). Type in the first and last name of the person's campaign that you are looking for in order to find the right campaign.

Q: When should I sign up for the Birthday Challenge?

A: You should sign up now! Do not hesitate to sign up for the Birthday Challenge. Campaigns generally last for 30 days once they are started so you will want to sign up well ahead of time if possible. Click Here to get started.

You can also accept our Fundraiser Challenge if you prefer not to wait until your birthday and want to get started right away. 

Q: What will my campaign page look like?

A: We have set up an example page which you can view here.

Q: How is my donation used?

A: Every donation goes through the PIF Foundation, a recognized 501(c)(3) charity; so each donation is completely tax deductible. As a donor, you also have the ability to choose where a portion of every donation is directed. The information below describes how much of each program is donated directly to other charities:

PIF Apparel

25% of all apparel sales goes to the charity that the customers chooses during the checkout process.

Birthday Challenge and Individual Fundraiser

100%* of all donations received for any charity listed on the "Charities We Love" page is directed directly to the organization. *Minus the cost of transaction fees charged by the payment merchant.

The following table is a tiered payout structure for all campaigns that feature organizations that are not promoted on our "Charities We Love" page.

Campaign Total Amount We Donate Directly to Other Charities


$501-$2500 90%
 $2,500+ 95%

Example 1: A campaign that raises $450 would mean that 80% of the of the payout goes directly to the selected charity.

Example 2: A campaign that raises $5,034 would be paid out using the tiered structure of:

  • $500 @ 80% payout
  • $2,000 @ 90% payout
  • $2,534 @ 95% Payout

***The PIF Foundation pays for all merchant fees, which range from 2-6% for each transaction.***

Q: What does the PIF Foundation do with donations that they receive?

A: We use your generosity to support and expand our programs, creating additional awareness for the most efficient non-profit organizations, and to fulfill our mission of positively impacting the world’s most desperate causes by encouraging proactive philanthropy. We are more than just an online fundraiser, if you would like to learn more about how we help non-profits and donors please submit a request through our "contact us" page. 

Additional Programs

PIF Foundation Scholarship Fund - This year the PIF Foundation will award 3 college scholarships to students that are making a positive impact in our local community of Maumee, OH. 

PIF Youth Program - This program is currently being developed and is projected to launch Fall 2015. We are working with teachers on ways to integrate the Pay It Forward concept into the public school system. Students will be educated on philanthropic concepts and given a turn key system for raising funds and awareness for their favorite causes. What makes this program unique is that it is customized for each student's existing interests with the target outcome to leverage long term involvement from each student. 

PIF Incubator Program - Projected for 2016. This program offers small non-profits shared resources for grant writing and encourages collaborative fundraising efforts. We also hope to offer consulting on developing major and planned giving strategies, as well as organization outcome plans that are designed to support a more efficient impact model.

Our EIN: 46-0604464

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