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Selecting/Evaluating a Charity

Our favorite: Charity Navigator

Why we love them: Charity Navigator is a free public resources that evaluates charities in the areas of financial health, transparency and accountability, and results reporting. They provide donors with a straightforward way to make an educated decision on which organizations to support with their time, talent, and treasure. 

Charity Navigator's Mission - Charity Navigator works to guide intelligent giving. By guiding intelligent giving, we aim to advance a more efficient and responsive philanthropic marketplace, in which givers and the charities they support work in tandem to overcome our nation’s and the world’s most persistent challenges.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Our favorite:

Why we love them: does an excellent job working with both non-profits and volunteers to help bridge the gap between a community that it ready to make a difference and the charities that need the help. They also promote a "cause first" approach to matching volunteers with opportunities, which we think is the best approach!

Why Join Volunteer Match?

  • Connect with a cause that needs you.

  • They have 90,000+ nonprofits around the world
    who need your help.

  • Uncover new volunteer opportunities that matter to you,
    wherever you are.

Additional Resources:

Create the Good

Volunteer Guide


Our favorite: PIF's Birthday Challenge

Why we love it: OK, we admit to being a bit bias on this one but there is a reason we are so passionate about this challenge. It is simple, it is free, and it really makes a difference. When you dedicate your birthday to raising money for a cause you love, you are showing the world that you are willing to stand up for what you believe in. Your are leading by example and encouraging others to join your movement in a bold way.

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