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Donors have traditionally struggled to find a standard method for comparing charities. Our calculator makes it easy for you to determine the potential impact of your favorite charity and compare those results to other high-impact programs.

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Pay It Forward Birthday Challenge

Dedicate your birthday to raise money and awareness for your favorite cause. Sign up for free and let our team design a custom webpage that you can be proud promote to your friends and family.

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1% Company Workplace Giving Program

Use your influence to inspire a workplace giving program and raise money for your favorite cause. This program is designed to save your company money while you make a lasting impact! 

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Monthly Donation Program

Automate your giving by joining our monthly donation program. Select the cause that you are most passionate about, or split your donation between multiple causes. 


Change Agent Network

Start an online fundraising campaign to raise money and awareness for your favorite cause. Do you have what it takes to raise $500 within 30 days?

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