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{Why} PIF Foundation

We believe it is our obligation to society to use our resources to do the most good - this means being disciplined enough to say "no" to good programs so that we can say "yes" to great programs. 

We exist to help individuals maximize their impact for charitable purposes by applying the concepts of effective altruism so that a limited amount of resources can positively impact the greatest number of lives.

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 {How} We Better the World

We Save Lives, Fight Poverty, and Save Souls because we believe that these are three most important areas that we should focus our resources. 

We also teach individual donors how to use the concepts of effective altruism to identify that most effective non-profit programs in the event that they decide to Go Rogue. Then we help donors raise money and awareness for these programs by providing no-cost and low-cost services strategically designed to leverage their personal resources for maximum impact.

{What} Ways We Help You Make A Difference

We have developed a number of services that help donors to use Time, Talent, Treasure, and/or Influence to make a difference for the things that they are most passionate about. We believe that every individual has the ability to contribute to positive change and should be afforded the opportunity to experience the joy that comes from helping others, so many of our services require no financial obligation from the individual signing up to make an impact.

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What you do matters

What will your impact be?

Choose how you will make an impact


Change Agent Network

What is it? Pick a cause that you are passionate and convince at least 10 people to donate $10 to help you make an impact. We set up a dedicated webpage so that you can share your story and rally support while tracking donations and social media comments real-time.

Cost to you: $0 unless you decide to Go Rogue which requires a $25 donation

Primary Resources: Time and Influence

Typical Impact: Moderate; $100-500 raised for your favorite charity on average

Birthday Challenge

What is it? Make your next birthday about more than just a number. Let us set up an online fundraising campaign so that you can dedicate your birthday to raising money for your favorite cause.

Cost to you: $0 unless you decide to Go Rogue which requires a $25 donation

Primary Resources: Time and Influence

Typical Impact: Moderate; $100-500 raised for your favorite charity on average

1% Company

What is it? 1% Companies are for-profit businesses that partner with PIF to develop an opt-out donation system for employees. This process allows employees to automatically defer 1% of their income to charities that they are passionate about. Don't own a company? Use your influence to convince your boss to consider this program. It is free for the company to participate!

Cost to you: $0

Primary Resources: Talent, Influence

Typical Impact: High; $50,000 raised for charity on average

Impact Reports

What is it? A report that enables you to Increase the impact of your giving by 100% or more guaranteed.

Cost to you: $495

Primary Resources: Treasure, Time

Typical Impact: Moderate-High; impact can vary greatly from one individual to another, this the ideal program for the seasoned philanthropist to optimize future giving.

Lesson Plans

What is it? Lesson plans that help students develop critical thinking skills by integrating the concepts of effective altruism and philanthropy into friendly debates that inspire positive change and empathy.

Cost to you: $0

Primary Resources: Time, Talent

Typical Impact: Moderate; $100-500 raised for charity on average

Women In Philanthropy

What is it? A program that positions women philanthropist as leaders of the effective altruism movement within their community.

Cost to you: $25/month

Primary Resources: Time, Influence, Treasure

Typical Impact: High; Target $5,000 for every member per year.

Monthly Donation Program

What is it? An opportunity for you to continuously support the Pay It Forward movement at whatever level is best for your budget. How have 100% control over how we use your donation.

Cost to you: $10-100 per month 

Primary Resources: Treasure

Typical Impact: Moderate to High, depends on the monthly contribution.



Pay It Forward T-shirts

What is it? T-shirts that you can purchase to help support the Pay It Forward movement.

Cost to you: $25

Primary Resources: Treasure

Typical Impact: Low, generally $10 average impact per shirt purchased


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