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The Pay It Forward Challenge

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Sign up to host your very own online fundraising campaign to raise money and awareness for the cause that you are most passionate about. You can choose to Save A Life, Fight Poverty, Save A Soul, or Go Rogue, which allows you to feature your favorite charity. 100%* of everything you raise will go directly to the cause that you choose. (*minus standard transaction fees) 

Join a Movement 

Help support some of the most effective programs in the world! Sign up to become a donor for the program that you are most passionate about and we will show you how much of an impact you will make with your donation. 100%* of your donation will be directed to the program that you choose. (*minus standard transaction fees)

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Pay It Forward Birthday Challenge

What could be better than a gift of life?

The Pay It Forward Birthday Challenge helps add significance to your birthday by giving you a way to use your influence to make a measurable difference for some of the world's most desperate causes. Just select the program that you are most passionate about and we will create a personalized online fundraising campaign to help you make your next birthday about more than just a number!

100%* of every donation will go to the program that you choose. (*minus standard transaction fees)


Want to dedicate your birthday to a different charity? Sign up for our Go Rogue campaign and choose the charity that will benefit from your fundraiser. 

Charitable Impact Report

Data that helps Donors Do Good...Better

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Take the guessing out of giving.

The Impact Report is guaranteed to increase the impact of your giving by at least 100%. Using the fundamental concepts of Effective Altruism, we take a pragmatic approach to evaluating your past giving, and helping you plan your future giving to achieve greater impact for the causes that are most important to you.

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April 13, 2015

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