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$100 = 243 Souls Saved

The Save A Soul program focuses on supporting the most effective methods for discipling Christians. Unlike some of our other programs which can be more complicated to quantify, the cost to save a soul is very straight forward. We define a soul as saved when an individual takes a step to personally acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

This program uses the power of the Internet to reach millions of people, many of whom have never been exposed to Jesus or His teachings.

Through online missionaries, bible studies, and a network of churches, this program is able to reach individuals in every country in the world and connect them to like-minded believers to continue their faith journey.

Save A Soul Fundraiser

Impact: By the Numbers

Aggressive Estimate: $0.33 per soul saved*

*See the full report and calculations here.

Conservative Estimate: $0.41 per soul saved**

**This includes our estimates that the program is only 80% effective after a 6-12 month period based on GMO survey results.

2015 Program Results(4)

283,327,072 Gospel Visits

23,885,638 Indicated Decisions 

Unlike some of our other programs which can be more complicated to quantify, the cost to save a soul is very straight forward. We define a soul as saved when an individual takes a step to personally acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The organization that we choose to support for our Save A Soul program is the Global Media Outreach (GMO). GMO saves souls by using the power of the internet to share the gospel to individuals that are seeking out answers about God. Individuals are presented with the gospel through a website or various apps. Visitors are then asked if they are willing to personally accept Christ into their lives. Once they have made a personal commitment, individuals are then connected to online missionaries that answer questions, pray for, and guide new and recommitting believers on the journey to Jesus through a safe and anonymous system. (1) The entire Global Media Research process can be seen here.

GMO's program conducts follow up studies 6 months after an individual has accepted Christ to measure the effectiveness of their efforts over time. While these metrics show some attrition, the results are still extremely impressive:

6 Month Survey Results (1)

  • 81% of individuals claim to be "very certain of salvation"
  • 79% claim to be affected daily by the Holy Spirit
  • 70% read the bible daily or weekly
  • 73% attend church or meet with other Christians weekly
  • 85% spend at least 10 minutes in prayer each day
  • 88% have shared their faith with others 3 or more times

Our decision to raise money for Global Media Outreach was most heavily influenced by the research conducted by ROI Ministry and Calvin Edwards and Company. Their full research report on the Global Media Outreach can be found here.(2)

GMO is also recognized as an accredited Christian non-profit by the ECFA, a third-party evaluation firm that evaluates Christian ministries in the areas of financial accountability, transparency, fundraising and board governance.(3)

Evidence Based Research

In our search for the most cost effective way to save a soul we have come across a myriad of projections, opinions, and calculations. Ultimately our final decision on which model to support was based on research from respected third party sources that have conducted in-depth evidence based studies. The organizations responsible for these reports have far greater scale and resources than our team. It is our belief that this information is the most accurate, thorough, and reliable information currently available to the public. Our decision to focus on third party information rather than conduct our own studies is rooted in the very spirit of our mission. It would be wasteful for an organization of our size to conduct our own studies when reliable information is readily available. Instead, we focus our resources on promoting effective altruism and encouraging donations to the world's most effective charities.

Please see the references at the bottom of this page for a full list of the sources that we have relied on for our decision. 

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(1) How Global Media Outreach Works

(2) 2014 Statement of ROI

(3) ECFA Report

(4) 2015 Annual Report

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