Pay It Forward Birthday Challenge

Make your next birthday about more than just a number. Dedicate your birthday to raise money for your favorite charity through an online fundraising campaign with Facebook.

  • It is FREE! No set up fees to start the campaign. 
  • Fast and simple setup.
  • Fully integrated with your Facebook account.
  • Choose from three of the best programs in the world, or select a different cause. 

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Choose from one of our vetted campaigns that have been thoroughly researched using the concepts of effective altruism to deliver high impact results. Or, choose to Go Rogue and raise money for a different charity. 

Vetted campaigns

Save A Life - Join the fight against malaria. Killing more than 700 children each day, malaria is also the #1 cause of death for pregnant women. Solutions to combat malaria provide a cheap and effective way to save lives. A $100 donation will provide 18 long-lasting insecticide nets to combat malaria. It take approximately 651 LLINs to be credited with statistically saving a life based on our research. 

Fight Poverty - More than 780 million people lack access to clean water, causing an estimated 3.4 million deaths per year. Help us provide water and other poverty fighting solutions today. A $100 donation will provide 33 people with clean water for a year and 165 children with deworming vaccines.

Save A Soul - There are millions of internet searches relating to God and salvation each day. Help answer these questions by giving people access to the word of Jesus Christ and a network of online missionaries. A $100 donation will lead 243 people to voluntarily receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Go Rogue 

By choosing to Go Rogue you are simply choosing a different cause/charity than the programs that we promote based on our research. We encourage you to watch our effective altruism video before making your decision to Go Rogue. If you choose to Go Rogue, our hope is that you will use the concepts of effective altruism to choose the best charity to benefit from your campaign. To qualify, the charity that you select must be registered as a 501(c)(3) organization. If you are unsure if your favorite charity qualifies please contact us or visit Guidestar to complete a search. 

How Each Donation Gets Used

90-95% of every dollar raised will go the charity that the campaign host designates. Our vetted campaigns: Save A Life, Fight Poverty, and Save A Soul, will receive a 95% payout. Each Go Rogue Campaign will receive a 90% payout. The details of the payout can be found below:

  • 2% is retained by Facebook and covers the costs of nonprofit vetting, fraud protection, and payment support.
  • 3% of each campaign covers payment processing. 
  • 5% of each Go Rogue campaign is retained as a donation to the PIF Foundation (that's us), and is used to help carry out our mission. This is not assigned to our vetted programs: Save A Life, Fight Poverty, or Save A Soul. 

Every donation is 100% tax deductible and will appear as a donation to the PIF Foundation. We issue payouts four times per year (once per quarter) to each charity that is featured through a campaign. 

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