Financial Well-being


PIF Financial Well-being

PIF was built on the idea that individuals can collectively change the world for the better through charitable giving. We help donors maximize the effectiveness of their gifts by using the concepts of effective altruism to match their passion with high impact non-profit programs. We believe that truly efficient giving starts with good personal stewardship on behalf of the donor. 

In a 2015 survey, the Non-Profit Times highlighted a report from Thrivent Financial that 42% of Americans said that they do not give to charity because they cannot afford to. While many of those surveyed should not give due to financial restrictions, we do not believe that they should be stripped of the joy that comes from making a positive impact for charity. 

Strengthening and improving our personal financial well-being foundation allows us to be better stewards and gives us the ability to choose to Pay It Forward.  

Financial Well-being

PIF Financial Well-being is a customized program that companies leverage to give employees individualized solutions to their unique financial well-being needs. We partner with industry professionals to provide unbiased education and advice on how individuals can manage their personal resources (time, talent, treasure, and influence) in a way that allows them to make a bigger impact for the charities that they love. 


Financial Well-being + 1% Company

Companies and organizations who want to create a culture of service and giving can leverage the Financial Well-being Program to become a 1% Company. Part of our mission is to educate and equip individuals with tools, resources, and information for more sustainable and effective charitable giving. This program allows employees to automatically sacrifice a portion of their income to charities that they are passionate about. In many cases the company even offers to match these donations for employees!

When a new company commits to the 1% Company Program we offer training that teaches employees how to select charitable beneficiaries more effectively by applying the concepts of effective altruism. After the program is started we do a number of things to add additional value for employees such as:

  • Maintain records of contribution amounts 
  • Screen charitable beneficiaries
  • Offer research support, expertise, and guidance to help employees choose charitable beneficiaries with an emphasis on high impact programs
  • Handle distributions to charity
  • Offer access to a network of professionals for planned giving and major giving needs

If you are interested in learning more about how you can partner with PIF to create a custom financial well-being program, please feel free to contact us by clicking the button below.

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