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 Welcome to the PIF Foundation

A place where you can learn about effective altruism, discover the world's most effective non-profit programs, and make a positive impact for the cause that you love.

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​Change Agent Network


Pick a cause that you are passionate and convince at least 10 people to donate $10 to help you make an impact. We help you launch a Facebook fundraising campaign that you can us to share your story and rally support while tracking donations and social media comments real-time. 

1% Employee


1% Employees are passionate workers that have agreed to defer a portion of their income or unused paid time off to charity. These employees add more meaning to their work by using their existing talents to help better the world.

Pay It Forward Birthday Challenge


Make your next birthday about more than just a number! In just minutes you can set up an online fundraising campaign and dedicate your birthday to raising money and awareness for your favorite cause. Choose to Save Lives, Fight Poverty, Save Souls, or Go Rogue.

Monthly Donation Program


This is an opportunity for you to automate the impact that you make each month at whatever level is best for your budget. You have 100% control over how we use your donation and we communicate what your impact will be before your first donation.

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PIF Blog Updates

A Different Kind of Trump Bump: Why You Should Give Big in 2017

January 19, 2017

By now it is old news that Donald Trump is our next president. Regardless of how you voted, or what your feelings are towards tax... Read More

Survey Results: 5 Numbers Every Person Should Consider If They Want To Do The Most Good

October 07, 2016

We asked, you responded! Here are the results from our most recent survey:Question 1: On average, how much do you think it would cost to save... Read More

Evaluating the Cost to Save A Life: U.S. vs. World

October 07, 2016

Where should you focus your charitable giving, home or away? The PIF Foundation regularly faces this dilemma when deciding how to distribute our charitable support.... Read More

Do you give wisely?

August 24, 2016

Wise giving takes more than applying the concepts of effective altruism. Maximizing your ability to give takes a deep understanding of the tools and strategies of top... Read More

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